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Life Changing Adult Day Care, Inc. - "Changing lives, one family at a time."
About Us

Life Changing Adult Day Care, Inc. is new to the community with a promising future. Our Company is founded on a profound respect for individual self-sufficiency of elders along with the recognition of the tremendous importance of positive social interaction for older adults. At Life Changing Adult Day Care, our primary focus is on enriching our participant’s lives by building upon their skills, knowledge, unique strengths and abilities. Life Changing Adult Day Care offers our participants a series of activities designed to promote health through social and well-being related services. At Life Changing Adult Day Care, we emphasize supervised group activities such as stimulating discussion groups, social clubs, arts & crafts, gardening, local outings, musical entertainment, Computer Technology and gentle exercise.
Life Changing Adult Day Care provides older adults in the community with an opportunity to lead active lifestyles while receiving essential mental and social stimulation. Adult day service centers are designed to offer stimulating activities and care for those who should not be left alone during the day. Our center plays an important role in the lives of those caring for elder adults. While our clients are at the center, we give their loved ones a chance to have a much needed break to rest and care for their own personal needs. At Life Changing Adult Day Care, our dedicated staff reinforces our participants’ individual strength while building upon their skills that will further support their maximum independence.

The staff at Life Changing Adult Day Care, Inc. of Saint Peters is dedicated and highly trained in caring for older adults. We recognize that our staff has the greatest impact on your loved one’s quality of life while at our center. We work extra hard to recruit, screen and comprehensively train each and every staff member because we know that this is one of the very most important things we do.

We search for people who are caring, compassionate, tolerant, patient and flexible and who have the ability to recognize and honor the uniqueness of each participant and family. You can rest easy that your loved one is being well cared for every minute that they are with us. Our staff consists of an Executive Director, Wellness Nurse, Program Director and Caregivers.

At Life Changing Adult Day Care, we provide a warm and friendly setting that encourages our participants to maintain their vitality and foster meaningful friendships. Daily activities increase self-esteem, enhance cognitive abilities and help our clients maintain their independence.

    Phone Number:                                                             Location: 
   (636) 279-4663                                                104 Jungermann Road
                                                                           Saint Peters, MO. 63376 

Sun - Sat: 7AM - 6PM 

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